About Us

Looking For A Great Family Restaurant?

Like Three Generations Before

Lebros is a great casual dining restaurant for many reasons. We have been established close to the University of Buffalo at Amherst for many years, and are recognized as one of Buffalo's landmarks. Many of our recipes go back four generations. We offer numerous dishes, traditional and unique Italian dishes, as well as burgers and fish. Lebros offers a warm, fun and relaxed atmosphere that the whole family will enjoy. 

What else make this casual dining establishment great? We have also won a number of awards. The Taste of Williamville awarded them the Best Supervisor Award in 2005, the Best Seafood Item in 2004, and the Best Meat entree in 2003. Taste of Buffalo awarded them with the 1998 people's choice award for their sweet potato ravioli, and the best food award in 1997 for their house dressing. These are just a few of the many awards we have won for our food and unique casual dining atmosphere.

So if you are looking for something different in casual dining, something the whole family will enjoy, then choose Lebros. We are open seven days a week, have convenient hours, and a ready to please you with a number of dishes, all that are guaranteed. Don't have a lot of time? No problem. They also offer the full menu to go, which includes everything you need to have a great Italian dinner at home.